Product lines

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Military Computers


Industrial Computers


Industrial Embedded Computers


Data Acquisition


Military Communications


Industrial Communications


Industrial Peripherals

Application sectors

EUROSISTEMAS DE CONTROL has a product policy based on offering to our clients a wide range of equipment for data acquisition, automation and industrial control based on PC, in order to fit the customers needs and offer solutions to many industrial sectors, like:

Green energies:

The embedded family of systems has a clear orientation to this sector, due to its small dimensions; for instance, these embedded systems are directly installed inside the wind generators in the wind power plants for its control.


Due to our products are open it can be used in all the industrial market sectors (power, food, textile, chemistry, graphic arts, etc.). In this very open section all our families of industrial products can be used.


Again, in this sector, small industrial PCs with high vibrations resistance are really needed, so our embedded PCs, information monitors, Panel PCs and vandal proof keyboards are the stars in this industrial area.

Gamming and entertainment:

Again the embedded PCs with small dimensions for the gamming machines control are the main product for these applications, moreover the cards with extended range of operating temperature is a very appreciated option for this market.

Access control and toll stations:

The video capture and video recording systems that we offer permit a quick and easy implementation of an access control point. Another option in this section is the toll stations control, where the most required products are the industrial PCs, high brightness monitors sunlight readable, industrial keyboards, etc.

Computer vision:

The high computing level and quick calculation of the industrial PCs is essential in this market, because habitually computer vision works with the analysis of high resolution images.

Multimedia Kiosk and information points:

The most required equipments in this section are the high brightness monitors sunlight readable and the panel PCs.

Vending machines:

The embedded PCs with reduced dimensions for the vending machines control are the most required products in this section, moreover the cards with extended range of operating temperature is an option very appreciated for this market too.

Water treatment:

The wastewater treatment plants and the desalination plants of sea water use industrial PCs to control the different processes, for this reason this is another interesting application area for our products.

Fleets management:

In this section the embedded PCs with integrated GPS, due to the reduced dimensions and the high vibrations resistance, permit to do the fleets management with high reliability.

Building automation management:

In this area the remote data acquisition together with the home terminals for its monitoring and decisions execution are essential.

Medicine and hospitals:

EUROSISTEMAS DE CONTROL offers a wide range of medical PCs and monitors, in both cases with the possibility to install it in swing arms as an option, to be used in hospitals and medicine in general.

Military and marine applications:

In this kind of applications ruggedized equipments with resistance to very harsh environments are required, moreover the equipments have to be certified with homologations (MIL-STD, ATEX, DEF-STAN, etc.) specially designed for this market. This kind of products (military PCs, high brightness monitors, etc.) is supplied for EUROSISCON too.

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